Prof. Dr.
Martin Schröder

Professor of Sociology

Martin Schröder

Using empirical research to show how society works.

Martin Schröder is professor of sociology at Marburg University, Germany.

He has recently published a book that shows the circumstances under which people are satisfied with their lives. His 2018-book has shown why people usually do not feel that their life is getting better, even though it objectively does. In several research articles, he has shown that people accept more income inequality when more inequality exists and that life satisfaction is lower when inequality increases in a country, but not when it is higher than in another country. He also combined Varieties of Capitalism and Esping-Andersen’s welfare regimes into a unified typology of capitalism.

Martin Schröder did his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne and studied at Sciences Po Paris. He was a postdoc at Harvard University and is a visitor at Oxford University from April to August 2020.


Here I explain new scientific findings in language that is generally understandable.

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